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Encore Dentistry Presents General Dental Care for Arlington

When you think about a trip to the dentist’s office, you probably think about general dentistry care. Professional dental hygiene cleanings, fluoride rinses, and thorough dental exams should be a routine part of your life. Dr. Cabansag offers general dentistry care for patients in Arlington and surrounding areas, and she brings her gentle, compassionate touch to every dental exam.

Encore Dentistry offers all of these general dentistry services:

If you or your children are active in sports, custom athletic mouthguards are a must. They provide a greater level of protection than the one-size-fits-all mouthguards you might see at the sporting goods store. And if Dr. Cabansag discovers gum health problems, she can perform periodontal therapy to restore your gums to good health and keep the issue from progressing all the way to tooth loss. At Encore Dentistry, we have your entire family’s general dentistry care needs covered, keeping your teeth healthy and your smile happy.

Want to experience a command performance at Encore Dentistry? Contact us today to schedule your general dentistry visit, cosmetic dental care consultation, or restorative dentistry procedure. Located in Arlington, Encore Dentistry happily serves patients from Fort Worth, Mansfield, and Kennedale as well.