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Dazzling Arlington Smiles Receive Cheers of Adoration

Why do people want whiter smiles? Well, whiter smiles signal youth and vitality, oral health, and self-confidence to everyone with whom you come into contact. A beautiful white smile attracts people to you—everyone wants to hang out with the person with the big, white smile! And teeth whitening is one way to capture that magic when your smile is looking a little faded and worn.

Encore Dentistry can provide you with a take-home teeth whitening kit, making it even easier to obtain the brighter, whiter smile everyone will want to see. With take-home teeth whitening, a custom bleaching tray is created just for you, leading to more even coverage than you might get with an over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all option. The best part? You can whiten your teeth while watching television, reading a book, or relaxing on your couch. It’s that easy!

Don’t let a worn-looking, discolored smile keep you from getting everyone’s attention. Make your mark with a whiter smile provided by Encore Dentistry.

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